• Erstklassige Effizienz mit 25%

    First-Class Efficiency
    With 24.8%

  • IP68


  • Flexible Installations-möglichkeiten

    Flexible Installation Options

Flexible application scenarios

  • Factory roof
  • Housetop
  • Balcony
  • Garden

Power up your balcony.
Go solar and harvest free energy from the Sun.

Invest in solar once, power your home for 30 years.
Thanks to advanced IBC technology, the wear of photosensitive components can be reduced, and the 30-year performance has improved to an industry-leading 88.8%.
  • Certified according to TÜV SÜD

  • Certified according to TÜV Rheinland

Compared to ordinary photovoltaic modules.

Convenient solar energy from panels you can rely on.
Designed, installed and maintained with safety in mind.

The world's first and only brand to pass the TAV Rhine Level 8 wind test for solar modules.
However, in extreme weather conditions such as typhoons, hurricanes, or hail, the glass of solar panels may be damaged, ultimately potentially damaging the panels. In this case, additional measures must be taken. In extreme weather conditions, please remove the photovoltaic system for a short period of time and store it at home.

  • Windproof

    Balkonkraftwerk Snvee-A-54/72 Soparpanel with adjustable bracket According to the level 8-win test of the TÜV Rheinland, loosening and fall risks can be minimized.

  • Waterproof

    IP68 protection class for solar modules, IP68 protection class for cables (without Schuko plug) and IP67 protection class for micro inverters.

reddot winner 2023

  • Premium Appearance

    Full black design
    No grid lines on front side

  • Enhanced Lifetime Production

    0% front grid shading loss
    Industry-leading module efficiency up to 24%
    Low attenuation, <1% at 1st year and <0.35%/year
    Better Temperature Coefficient:-0.29%/ ℃

  • Optimized Balance of System (BOS)

    Significant savings on mounting structure and cabling and labour cost
    Less installation time and effort

Solar innovation that maximizes power.
Half-cell technology boosts efficiency and safety.

  • Half-cell wiring enables higher tolerance for shadows and shading.
  • Continues generating clean energy even when partially shaded.
  • Reduces power loss by 1/4 compared to traditional solar panels.
  • Minimizes damaging hot spots and safety risks.

10% more power potential unlocked.
Our solar technology outperforms for maximum energy yield.

  • In certain environments, generates 10% more power per square meter than PERC solar modules.
  • Advanced panel technology delivers higher output and efficiency.
  • Optimized solar energy harvesting for increased production.
  • Gets more power from the same amount of space.
  • Greater field of solar action drives performance higher.

Greater field of action
More power generation

In certain environments, the Snvee-A-54/72 version 227.4 W/m² offers a full 10% more output power per square meter than PERC solar modules.

Alternatives refer to the 375W PERC type solar module with an output power efficiency of 205.9 W/m².